We are looking for worldwide distributors and resellers!

Do you have a physical and/or online store and want to introduce new products, equipment and accessories to your offer? We are ready to start a collaboration with you to bring the entire product portfolio closer to your customers.

We offer multiple advantages and support to our partners (B2B):

1. Top quality products, in trend, that can be successfully traded;

2. Well known brands, globally appreciated;

3. Discount policy that allows you the products resale at the same prices like us with a good profit margin;

4. Permanent product stock, in Bucharest warehouse;

5. Promotional materials, texts/descriptions, photos;

6. The possibility of concluding a collaboration contract with exclusivity in a certain area, city or country;

7. The possibility of ordering small quantities at the begin (e.g 1/2 pallet), without requiring significant investments;

Please note that we do not initiate collaborations in the dropshipping system! We are looking for solid and sustainable partnerships through which we can offer the best solutions to all customers.

For more details, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.