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Discover the refreshing pleasure of summer with our range of slush products! From the intense aromas to the vibrant-exciting colors, we offer a delicious experience for all slushy lovers. Savor every drop and enjoy the explosion of refreshing tastes!

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  • Iced coffee

    Iced Coffee - a delicate combination of instant coffee, fine ice and subtle sweet notes, perfect to refresh you on hot days and to get a boost of energy. Characterized by an intense taste, a velvety texture and a perfect balance between content and creaminess, each sip sends you into a delicious experience, creating a moment of pure indulgence. Discover refinement, discover joy, discover IceVend Crema Caffe!

  • Slush drinks

    Slushy, slush or slushie, is a refreshing drink made of ice flakes and flavored syrups in various colors. Slushies are often associated with moments of cooling and relaxation and are popular especially in warm periods but also as party drinks.  IceVend offers you an explosion of refreshing aromas, fine ice flakes and a lot of flavor in every slushie beverage.

    Choose freshness, choose diversity, choose IceVend to create unforgettable experiences.

  • Sorbet beverages

    Premium granita! Undoubtedly one of the most popular cold drinks, Sorbet beverage has a creamy texture with microgranules of ice and is obtained from the best dehydrated fruits. It differs from the classic Slushy by the consistency of the product, being much creamier, delicate and aromatic. Discover a varied range of intense aromas, specially selected to offer you an unforgettable refreshing experience. Choose freshness, choose the joy of taste, always choose IceVend!

    For diversity, some alcohol-based recipes can be created by adding Prosecco, Vodka, Rum, etc. directly into the the slush machine during the preparation of the mixture.

  • Soft Ice cream

    Soft ice cream is a version of ice cream with a softer and creamier consistency compared to traditional ice cream. It is often served fresh, being prepared to order and has a smooth and slightly airy texture. Discover the joy of an irresistible ice cream experience, prepared with passion and served with a warm but cool smile! IceVend combines tradition with innovation to offer you a dessert that will conquer you from the first sip. Each portion becomes an unforgettable gustatory journey, offering you not just a dessert, but a memorable culinary experience...

  • Cups and lids

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